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Do you yearn to have the kind of relationships where you are listened to? Do you wish people would do what you ask, when you ask?  Are you a compelling leader, able to lead without force or manipulation? Ready for something different, thats fun and gets results that last?

HorseSense UK is an accredited Equine Assisted Education business that works all over the UK, offering wellnessteam building, leadership, communication and personal development training for individuals and corporate groups. We offer engaging and innovative training solutions with the aid of horses, designed to enhance individual and team performance.

My name is Becci and I grew up with20181012 Barbara Yeo Photography Becci -21 horses. Looking after, learning to ride and handling horses formed a huge part of my childhood education. However, it wasn't until I stepped into the working world I realised what an advantage they have given me. 

Always praised for my discipline, consideration to others and ability to read a situation, I was forced to stop and think where I had learnt these skills from? Time and time again the answer would be waiting in the stable for me. Now, more than thirty years on and with a firm understanding of how crucial these skills are for success in life, I have committed to making that same learning opportunity available to others. 

"We have a great team and today helped us to get to know new team members and existing ones better. The day taught us about more consideration of people's preferred communication styles, considering their point of view and the power of being one team." Virgin Atlantic

Our goal is to provide a safe and stimulating environment for people to fully realise their potential. Our training brings the unique perspective of the Equine world and marries it with top performance objectives and insightful personal growth. Participants learn to connect with the world in a new way, develop a deep respect for themselves and others and stretch themselves to achieve things they previously thought impossible.

Described by our clients as inexplicably powerful, Equine Assisted Education is something you have to experience to appreciate. Challenge yourself to open up to a new way of learning, bring your innate intelligence and ability to the fore, overcome your constraints and step up to a new level.

To find out more about what we do, and what is Equine Assisted Education, watch the video below.



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