Why HorseSense UK?

When there are so many training providers out there and people that can help, why partner with HorseSense UK? Here's some of the things our clients share with us and we know makes us different:
  • Our training days are bespoke to meet your needs. Pre-event consultations determine your specific training requirements and we tailor a day to meet those learning objectives. The nature of our training means that we are often able to meet the more unusual training needs of an individual or organisation, including a wide range in skill sets and abilities.
  • Our training is a bit different. We use a classroom, but we are not classroom based. Our novel approach increases employee engagement, ensuring participants come with a open mind and a curious perspective, giving them and you a better chance to grow and learn. 
  • Our home venue is located in glorious countryside. The HorseSense UK training venue is located in the peaceful High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a stark contrast toDSC_0112 (800x 520) the city or town and a great way to unplug your team from electronic devices and get back to basics.
  • HorseSense UK boasts all weather facilities meaning your training day can go ahead on the day planned, unaffected by the Great British weather!   
  • We offer a fully catered 10-seater classroom. Book our venue for a pre or post event to allow creative or business meetings to meet your requirements. 
  • Our training is suitable for any level of employee, including experienced senior executives. The horses respond to how you are, not who you are, giving honest feedback and a chance to for everyone to learn and improve. 
  • You don't have to be academically bright to 'get' the learning. Learning through feel breaks down barriers for anyone that finds learning through words difficult. Horses are non-verbal communicators and will encourage you to see your world that way too. Using body language as a way to communicate with each other, you will learn to read one another and act spontaneously from superior instinct than logic.
  • Equine Assisted Education activates both the left and right side of your brain. Creativity is an essential part of success. The workplace has become for many a very left brain, logic based activity. Our training helps to show you an ability to do both is required, using the right brain to create a vision and overcome problems and the left brain to finish and complete tasks, with the horses acting as great role models.  Keogh Caisley 002 (800x 536)
  • We know what it takes to succeed. Our trainers come from a mix of high level sport and corporate performance. We know the attention to detail and go-getter attitude required to achieve your goals and we bring those qualities to our work.
  • We come from a coaching and  therapy background. Our work is backed up with years of therapeutic experience with and without horses. We know that expanding comfort zones can be a challenging experience and understand the space and environment some people need in order to take those first steps. 
  • We specialise in working with nervous or unconfident participants. Our years of experience working with people and horses from a range of backgrounds has helped us develop a broad knowledge base when it comes to working horses and horse owners that have 'lost their nerve'. We help you create your own path back to success through a medium that you enjoy at a pace you can handle. 
  • We constantly strive to better our own productIMG_20180325_123746The market place doesn't stand still and neither do we. We know that imagination and innovation is required to develop your products and we strive to constantly do the same.
  • Our horses are passionate about their work. Our horses are as passionate about our work as we are. They know the key to success is to pay attention, be alert and be in the present moment. We take a lot of motivation from their wish to share that with you. 
  • We have partner venues accross the globe. One of the benefits of being an active member of a global organisation is that we have partner providers across the globe, from the Americas, to Australisia, Middle East and Europe. If we can't provide a venue, one of our partners probably can!