Why Equine Assisted Education?

Horses are powerful educators. They offer experiential learning in an unparralled format that translates well into the workplace or day to day living. Giving real time feedback, Equine Assisted Education enables us to develop our soft skills in a memorable and enjoyable way. Using a combination of practical exercises, observation and classroom learning, the learning takes place on a cellular level - making it easily remembered and creating new more desirable habits and patterns of behaviour.


Some people are gifted leaders, others have to work at it. We all though, whoever we are, use leadership skills on a daily basis. Unable to manipulate or intimidate a horse (horses are on average 8 times our size); we are forced to lead a horse through skill. Partnership, trust, awareness, respect and effective communication all become the core ingredients of a successful relationship and outcomes. Unaware of personal status or position, horses can show us where we need to develop our skills, and give us instant and rewarding feedback when we get it right so we can learn to be the kind of inspirational leaders people want to follow.


The horse is a master of non-verbal communication. Considering only 7% of human to human interaction is through the use of words, working with horses enables us to develop the often neglected remaining 93%. Using the exercises and group feedback you will increase your awareness of the importance of the tone of your voice and body language, and start to use it reach your objectives. You will learn the importance of conscious communication and how to align your communication so the message you give out is consitent and clear. Imagine, with that extra 93% aligned and on your side, how much more effective would you be?


Horses are herd animals. In the wild, the horse's survival depends on being in a herd, and everybody within that herd working as part of a team. The herd will have a natural hierarchy and each horse will have a role in that team, much like our corporate teams today. Horses, though largely domesticated now, still carry these instinctive behaviours. The horses feedback how clear you are on your goals and how team members interact, giving you a chance to reasses and try a new strategy. By partnering with a horse you learn leadership, discipline and teamwork from the masters in a fun and memorable way, as well as to let go of any behaviours that are not serving you.


Trust is crucial to stability and performance. Sometimes we are not even aware that the image we portray on the outside is not the same as the one we feel on the inside. Horses are very good at disabling the masks that we think are serving us to protect ourselves. A horse sees through our masks to the core of a person, and will ask you to be authentic and have integrity. This is useful when we are pretending we are ok about something when we are not. Horses ask you to be honest. They do not judge, have a hidden agenda or have any desire to criticise you - they just want to know they can trust you. And who can trust someone that is hiding part of themselves? Empathic healers, and also experienced in the knocks and bumps of life, you may find great strength and compassion in their ability to be present and fully experience the moment just as it is.


"The horses were very truthful in what they had to say about each of us on the course today."

Ultimately though, it is the pure joy of working with a horse that makes them so succesful at what they do. Easy to learn from and to take on their non-judgemental feedback, horses seemingly know just how to get their message across to deliver an exceptional learning result for your benefit. 

Don't just take our word for it, contact us today to book an initial consultation and see for yourself why this is rapidly becoming the training method of choice.