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Stuart"Becci has a wonderful way with both people and animals. Working very much as a team, she and the horses instantly made me far more aware of my personal communication style, and how I am in leadership roles. As well as being great fun, I learned about myself at a very deep level - because the horses are totally unambiguous in their feedback! Often we are unconscious of the way we communicate, and frustrated when it doesn't get us the results we want, but even a short time spent with Becci and her wonderful team made me much more conscious of how to get the results I want from communication. I have over twenty years of leadership experience in industry, and responsibility for projects up to £800m in value - so I'm no novice, but the horses opened my eyes in a whole new way. I would advise anyone to experience this for themselves!"

Stuart - BSc (Hons) CEng FIET MAPM


DSC_0023 (427x 640) (2)"I attended Murphy's Networking Masterclass in August 2014. What a great experience! The interaction with the horses gave an invaluable insight into non-verbal communication, and Becci's facilitation unveiled other personal challenges in networking and communication. A small group was great as we had time to get to know each other.

If you are uncomfortable with traditional networking or would like to understand more about how we interact with each other, I recommend trying Murphy's Networking Masterclass."

Kathy De Koninigh, Growth Manager at BSK-CiC


"Dear Becci,

I would like to offer you my sincere thanks for the opportunity to experience the HorseSense UK course.

I originally come from a varied background of academic research and the corporate workplace. As such, I have had many opportunities to be involved in leadership and team building courses of the highest quality. However, HorseSense UK has managed to provided me with a truly outstanding and valuable new learning experience.

George & Toby

Firstly, I found the training center to be stunning, both in terms of its idyllic Sussex location and the quality of the facilities. The staff I also found superb, being friendly, approachable and highly professional, with considerable knowledge and insight that shone through.

The course itself was fantastic. I remain staggered by the social sophistication of our horses and the depth to which we could establish a rapport. The exercises we undertook seemed perfectly suited to the situation and genuinely helped me build a relationship with them. The use of horses, in particular, seemed to provide a raw and unfettered insight into my own personal social bias and habits. I found this a great revelation and quite a strange experience.  It felt as though I were communicating without the walls of platitudes and posturing that that hinder me in everyday life. I arrived at home afterwards feeling truly enriched by the whole day and with new knowledge that I will certainly carry forwards with me.

Thanks again to you and the rest of the staff including, naturally, our horse instructors: Olive, Toby and Murphy."

George Osborne, Complexity Crystals


Danuta & Toby

"Today was a surprise, arranged by my husband as a birthday present. I hadn't realised when I started the day how that surprise would spread through the day. I found myself achieving things I hadn't been aware I could achieve. I also found resources I was unaware I contained, and feel the lessons today will resonate for a considerable time. Life changing. Thank you!!"

Danuta Kean, Freelance Journalist


"My dear Becci,

Thank you so much for yesterday. I knew I would love doing something with horses again but I didn't realise how much the event would remind me of  just how much I love them. I'm still on a delicious high and my body still tingles.Christine & Toby

Your course is great as are your leadership skills. Firm and honest, playful and easy. Your knowledge is really extensive in all the fields we touched on and I loved learning more about how horses live their lives in wild herds.

The highlight I have to say was Toby nibbling at my fleece! What a gift that was - we'd only just met! It was so sweet to see him chomping on his rope. He seemed so playful and reminded me of the relationships I had with horses I had known in the past."

Christine Kimberley, Actress, Director and Personal Development Coach


Taster Morning 04.13 049

"Today's session has enabled me to face a key issue in my leadership practice that has been affecting our business and was invisible to me. It was unexpected, somewhat uncomfortable and ultimately profound and rewarding learning and has already lead to three decisions that will both save us money and support our commercial success. Thank you Becci."

Jennifer Parry - Organisation Development Consultant, Earandil Limited


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"I came to the event not knowing what to expect. It was very thought provoking and amazing. 

DSC_0020 (800x 536)

I have not had much experience with horses except to ride as a child (a very long time ago!). The horses are lovely and have their very own personalities - obvious maybe, but not if you do not have experience with horses.

Very educational, gave great insigh and very thought provoking. It made me feel like I would like to do a whole to day see how much I could learn." 

Shirley Price, Director Yes Promo Products Ltd - Murphy's Networking Masterclass