New blog page launched!

21st May 2013

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 At 09.21.25HorseSense UK is now posting all news on its HorseSense UK  blog page. Here you can find out our latest news and reading interesting articles on Equine Assisted Education and the latest going's on with the herd. On here are articles like, "What's the cost of failure?" and "Does your company need to re-group?" as well as client testimonials and photo galleries. Sign up to the email feed to receive all of HorseSense UK's latest news and never be left out of the loop!

EAHAE Development Day a great success!

25th March 2013

On Sat 23rd March, 24 intrepid Horse Assisted Educators battled snowy driving conditions and braved cold temperatures to attend the EAHAE  Development Day at Acorns 2 Oaks, Nr Windsor. Kindly hosted by Dave and Sharon Harris the group, some of which had travelled from Switzerland, Austria and Germany, learnt how others were starting their Horse Assisted Education businesses, new practical exercises and how to overcome some of the common challenges of starting up in business.

Julia Felton - Author of Unbridled Success

Julia Felton - author of Unbridled Success


Jude Jennison - Leaders by Nature

Jude Jennison - Leaders by Nature

Core objectives of the group were to network, share experiences and look at marketing solutions.

Guest speakers Jude Jennison from Leaders by Nature and Unbridled Success author Julia Felton shared what had drawn them to Horse Assisted Education in the first place and some of their first hand experiences of what makes their businesses successful.

A wide range of people from varying equestrian backgrounds were present, providing a diverse and stimulating group. Classroom sessions coupled with practical exercises provided plenty to get people thinking and a chance also to put themselves in their clients shoes.

The overwhelming feedback from the participants was that it was resounding success with many requests for the exercise to be repeated (and to book the sunshine next time!).  This is something we will look into and how best to take things forwards to serve all those that love and want to make Horse Assisted Education more available.  

HorseSense UK unveils 2013 dates

22nd February 2013

Sussex-based enterprise HorseSense UK has unveiled its latest course dates for 2013. Based in Mark Cross near Tunbridge Wells, HorseSense UK offers fun and interactive courses where horses are the teachers.

The company offers a range of corporate, one-to-one and open training days where people partner with horses in a range of practical exercises designed to increase their awareness of leadership, body language and team working.

The dates include a Teenagers Day, The Art of Leadership, Taster Sessions, Instinctive Horsemanship and a Women's Empowerment Day.

"Our courses are about learning new things," comments co-founder Becci Harvey. "Horses are excellent teachers and their feedback is very clear. Our job is to listen and turn it into information people can use to overcome problems and take their skills to a new level."

All the training takes place on the ground, so no riding is involved and no previous horse experience is necessary.

"These training dates are ideal for anyone that is looking for something a bit different or knows they are stuck in a rut," comments Becci. "We get people from all walks of life because there's something about the horse that draws them in. Horses are great role models and they make learning easy and fun."

For more information, or to find out when our next course is running visit or contact Becci on 01892 853518.

HorseSense UK is interviewed on Radio Talk Europe

18th January 2013

In an interesting turn of events our worked caught the attention of Selina MacKenzie, host of the Lifestyles programme at Radio Talk Europe. Selina, a former horse owner loved the idea horses were being used in personal development work. Below is a copy of the audio.


Heartfelt thanks from Sussex Horse Rescue Trust

3rd January 2013

Today we received an unexpected thank you letter from the Sussex Horse Rescue Trust for our donation in 2012.

The Sussex Horse Rescue Trust (SHRT) is an Equine Welfare Charity based in Uckfield, East Sussex and was our nominated charity for 2012. HorseSense UK picked SHRT because of the great work they do rescuing and taking in unwanted horses, ponies and donkeys - as well as their re-homing services and educational packages.

The donation came from HorseSense UK and Taster Morning participants and will go towards buying rugs, food and bedding. 

The letter outlines a rescue the SHRT had just undertaken and some of their activities. When money is tight and  owning a horse becomes financially unfeasible, it is good to know there are people there that are willing to take over and provide the animals with a loving home.

If you would like to make a donation to the Sussex Horse Rescue Trust (SHRT) you can do so online at

Moore Racehorse Trust

Meanwhile, we are delighted to announced our chosen charity for 2013 will be the Moore Racehorse TrustThe Moore Racehorse Trust rehabilitates and rehomes horses from the racing industry into private homes on a permanent loan basis. As Toby is a former racehorse, we thought this would be a good charity for us to support.

Outstanding Achievement Award goes to Hannah Howard

31st December 2012

We are delighted to announce that each year we will be awarding an outstanding student with an award to recognise their achievement. 

The HorseSense UK Outstanding Achievement Award is picked from all the workshop and individual participants from throughout the year and goes to someone that has impressed the team and epitomises what HorseSense UK is about; which is stepping up, stretching boundaries and being willing to grow. 

This year we are very pleased to announced that this award will be going to Hannah Howard. Hannah took part in our October Art of Leadership course and impressed us with when she nominated herself to go first to step into an arena with a loose horse and work with it. As the one person in the group with least horse experience and previously very anxious about being the in the presence of horses we felt this was a significant moment that Hannah challenged herself by choice, overcame her limitations and set a new standard for herself. 

On receiving the award, Hannah reflected on the moment she overcame her fears to do something she wouldn't usually do and mused on the courage and confidence it took - things that she knows she will take with her in later life.

Becci Harvey of HorseSense UK said, "Hannah stood out for us this year as someone that realised an opportunity to expand her comfort zone in was in front of her and took it. It takes real courage and trust to step into an arena with a horse, and skill to get the horse to partner and work with you in a co-operative way. Not only did Hannah step up and take part in the exercise, but she excelled at it too - showing everyone that there are huge rewards stepping outside of comfort zones. We trust the award will be a constant reminder of what Hannah achieved that day and what she can do again in the future."

If you would like to take part in any of our 2013 workshops and clinics either to expand your comfort zones or to improve your leadership, please check out our latest course dates.

Toby and Olive make their book debut!

24th November 2012

Our very own Olive and Toby have made their book debuts! Featured in Julia Felton's first ever book Unbridled Success, Toby's photograph heads up the chapter Connect to Succeed, whilst Olive is a case study on the power horses have in breaking down boundaries and helping you to express how you feel.

Julia's book covers the profound life and business lessons that horses have taught her, sharing her insights into how horses can help us become more self-aware and connect to ourselves and others. She explains that leadership is an earned position based on trust and respect, providing a refreshing departure from the idea that leaders are always the dominant one. 

The book is aimed at horse owners, business leaders and training decision makers. Packed full of helpful background data on why Horse Assisted Education is so powerful and personal insights, Julia shares a compelling reason to challenge your thinking and step outside your comfort zone. A must read for anyone that is interested in Horse Assisted Education or challenging their teams in a new and refreshing way.

Copies of the books are available from Amazon and all good book stockists, RRP £14.99.

HorseSense UK announces "Teenagers Day"

HorseSense UK is delighted to announce a new date the the summer line up. On 14th August six Teenagers will take part in an inspiring and motivating day aimed at increasing their self awareness and giving them a chance to hang out with horses.

Aimed at 14-18 year olds, the day will give teenagers from all backgrounds a chance to learn more about horses and their behaviour, as well as partner up with them for some fun exercises.

For kids it's a great day out where they get to do something a bit different whilst for parents it's a chance to give their children a big day of learning where their children will learn more about:

  • why how they show up in life, communicating and saying the truth matters
  • how to lead and
  • how brilliant, skilled and accomplished they already are.

It is likely that the attendees on the course will make some deep lasting friendships with the horses as well as the other participants - because that is just the nature of how this work is. Skilled on hand facilitators will also be there to ensure that the children have a safe, enjoyable and memorable day. 

To register your interest for this event, email [email protected] or call 01892 853518 to find out more.

Keogh Caisley get it straight from the horses mouth

2nd July 2012

Tunbridge Wells based law firm Keogh Caisley and friends joined us last week for an evening HorseSense UK Equine Experience. Six of the companies staff plus two friends, which ranged from secretaries, a legal executive, solicitors to founding partner Alastair Caisley swapped their smart office attire for outdoor clothes and put their teamwork and leadership to the test.

Alastair asked HorseSense UK to develop a short evening experience that would build a connection between team members and encourage them to find new ways of communicating.

The team started with a blindfold exercise that develops and strengthens communication skills and demonstrates both what it is like to lead and what it is like to be led. The group shared their insights into their preferences and the increased amount of awareness that leading another person requires.

Next we challenged the team to introduce themselves one by one to the horses. Even those not familiar and slightly nervous around horses stepped up to the mark and realised the importance of how you present yourself and creating a good first impression.

As the evening went on, the achievements amongst the group escalated. Each team member drew huge insights into the parallels between their leadership style and approaches to the horse to how they are around humans. The learning within the group ranged from getting a greater sense of their self and how they fit within the team, to learning about boundaries and being able to ask for what you need.

The feedback for the evening made it very clear the event had been a success. If you have a company or group that you think would benefit from our innovative and memorable training experiences, contact us to find out how we could support you to move your business forward.

 Keogh Caisley


"Very worthwhile helped by very enthusiastic and clear facilitators. The horses reflect an honesty which shows your abilities (or lack of them) in a unique way." Alastair Caisley, Partner Keogh Caisley