Presence & Intervention

with Agata Wiatrowska and Dr Sue Binks

Improve your marketing and facilitation skills with these two 1 hour webinars created specifically for the Horse Assisted Education (HAE) /Equine Facilitated Learning sector.

Webinar 1 - Agata Wiatrowska - Staying on the Gound with Wings to Fly - a sustainable HAE model

In this webinar, Agata shares the marketing pathway you need to know, understand and use in order to meet, connect and build relationships with your ideal clients to help you sleep at night and run a sustainable business.

In this excellent presentation Agata out-lines her findings from 15 years of facilitating HAE programs in Poland. In this time she was successful, then almost went bankrupt and now she describes herself as "back on track". Running a sustainable HAE business is now her domain of expertise and in this one hour webinar she shares her success story with you.


Agata Roadmap

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Webinar 2 - Dr Sue Binks - The Facilitation Continuum

Dr Sue Binks became so interested in what makes an EFL practitioner effective, she did a PhD in the subject. In this webinar, Sue explores the definition of a facilitator and the different approaches to facilitation before inviting you to think about where you sit on the continuum and asking what stretch do you need to make to increase your range?

Watch this thought provoking webinar to better understand the role of facilitation in a person or a group's learning, the different facilitation approaches we can take, the outcomes of those different approaches and what awareness as a facilitators we need so our interventions are effective and we are in service to our clients.


Sue Facilitation Continuum

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Agata Wiatrowska - Business Model, 1hr webinar, audio recording & presentation slides

Dr Sue Binks - Facilitation Continuum, 1hr webinar, audio recording, presentation slides & Heron's Examples of Interventions


"Great session, great inspiration, thank you!" - Isabelle Hasleder, HQ Leadership India

"Thank you so much. Really useful and a lot of clarity!! Really enjoyed the session and got a lot from it." - Jacqueline Beall, Global Warriors

"Thank you for this Equine Facilitated Learning training. I enjoyed it very much" Jane Aufiero


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