Instinctive HorsemanshipTM with Julia M. Felton

On demand, 9.30-5pm

Julia & Toby WHR

Learning how to create lasting connection and relationships is imperative for human survial and yet many times this is an area that we can find oursleves not excelling at.  And it is not surprising as we typically don't have a blueprint to follow to allow us to achieve this.

What if I told you that there exists in nature (and specifically in a herd of horse) a 7-step blueprint that can help you  develop amazing, heart felt relationships based on trust and respect.  Welcome to a world where horse teach us how to connect.

During this workshop you will learn how to focus on understanding more about a horses's natural instincts and tendencies and how you can use these to build better relationships and develop your leadership style.  We will then take things a step further and look at how you can apply this learning to your life, your workplace or your business.

In this practical two-day weekend workshop Julia M. Felton of Business HorsePower  will share with you what she learnt during her time studying with Carolyn Resnick the creator of the Seven Waterhole Rituals.

This workshop is for you if you want to:

  • learn the 7 essential ingredients that must be present to achieve a great relationship (whether with a horse or another human being)
  • learn how to communicate with a horse in his language
  • experience how to lead with impact
  • understand different leadership styles and how the herd structure accommodates this
  • learn how to quickly build trust and rapport
  • experience the importance of being focused to achieve goals
  • learn how to influence people and create compelling relationships

This workshop is likely to appeal to horse lovers who want to learn how to their relationship with their horses, equine assisted educators and business owners who are open to learning essential business building skills in a new and innovative way. 

Previous clients have described these workshops as life changing and transformative as they have begun to embody these new principles into everyday life.

"The value of Julia's programme in building relationships can't be measured - whether with horses or people. I can't wait to put it into practice." - Heidi Dawson, Success Unbridled

"Participating and watching is an excellent way for me to learn. I loved how when I was totally present how the horses responded. Brilliant education!!" SJ

Click here  for more more details and to book a space or contact Julia on 07710 124848 or Becci on  07833 597187.

Spaces on these courses are limited to ensure plenty of pratical opportunity, so please book early to secure your slot. 

Footage from our course in May 2012.