Individual solutions

HorseSense UK offers a range of bespoke 1-to-1 coaching solutions to meet your specific objectives. Our 1.5 hour coaching sessions or Breakthrough Days are a great way to accomplish a profound shift under the guidance of an Equine Assisted Educator, qualified Mind Detox practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher.

Each session includes:

  • Short pre-event consultation
  • Detailed look at your session objectives on the day
  • Time working with the horses
  • An opportunity to be yourself and be accepted
  • A chance to stretch yourself and accomplish a goal

Pick from one of the options below or combine several themes to create a Coaching package or a Breakthrough Day*.

One to one coaching

Overcoming challenges Is there something in life that is holding you back? This session is designed to help you overcome a particular challenge or stumbling block so you can achieve the success you deserve. This might be a lack of confidence, a fear of moving forwards, challenging life circumstances or loss of direction. The horses and I will create a safe space for you to explore the origins of your challenge and why you created it before swiftly moving on to resolve it and act out the outcome you desire. 

"It was so lovely working with you and the horses! I had an opportunity to deal with a situation by altering my behaviour and it worked much better."

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Achieve success What goals would you like to achieve this year? This session will help you get clear on where you are, where you would like to get to and what is required to get there. Using a series of obstacles to represent your challenges the horses and you will 'walk through' your goals helping you get clear on what your final outcome looks like and what is required to achieve success. All this means you leave with a map of success and all you have to do is act that map out. 

"I've got my 5 target clients for the year already and my business year doesn't start until February!"

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Stretch your comfort zone Sometimes it's easy to become a little too comfortable and it becomes difficult to change. We all know that if we are not stretching our comfort zone it is shrinking. In this session we give you the opportunity to explore what it feels like to stretch your comfort zone by getting you to try something you wouldn't usually do in a safe and controlled environment and share in the delight of achieving more than you thought you were capable of.

"I found myself achieving things I hadn't been aware I could achieve. I also found resources I was unaware I contained and feel the lessons of today will resonate for a considerable time. Life changing."

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Improve your technique Already a leader? The horses give us plenty of opportunities to take our learning deeper and to a more masterly level. Thousands of times more sensitive and aware than humans, in this session we will observe the horses and their success strategies to see where we can mimic their behaviours to get better results. In doing so we begin to act from a deeper, more effortless place where thought is instantly transformed into outcomes and we are able to achieve truly impressive feats. 

"A great bonding experience with a horse that reminded me of good communication, which is not necessarily verbal."

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De-stress Tired, frazzled and in need of TLC? Horses are very healing and relaxing to be around. Take some time out to reconnect with your inner calm and infinite well of stillness through simple, sensory practices such as observation, grooming and meditation. Remember what it is like to have your heart and body aligned and experience the healing powers of the stillness and peace of the nature around you. You will love this session so much, you won't want to leave!

"I feel much lighter, as if a cloud has been lifted and feel energetic when I think of what I'm going to be doing next year and beyond."

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Female empowerment   Women are an incredible force for good. Owning our female energy and knowing about the strengths women bring can go a long way towards breaking down barriers and opening up our creative brilliance. Learn experientially about the difference between masculine and feminine energy as demonstrated by the horses and step in to your feminine power. 

"Extremely interesting experience. Horses are excellent teachers and make you aware of your strengths and weaknesses."

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Overcome trauma All of us at some point will have experienced a difficult or traumatic life experience. A traumatic experience can leave us feeling weak, powerless, unable to sleep, anxious or fearful. Using the Mind Detox Method, Reiki and with the support of the horses in this session we are able to explore deep underlying issues and give the body the time and the opportunity that it needs to heal. The masters of balance, the horses courageously encourage you to let go of traumatic thought patterns and replace them with healthy and life supporting ones. The memory will still be there, but you will notice that you feel different about it now and know it would not be a problem for you again in the future. 

"I had a really good day at your stables and felt I worked out a few of my problems. At least I know what I need to worry about now."

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Breakthrough Days

Breakthrough Days are a 6 hour experience that includes lunch. Pick from a combination of sessions with the horses, a Mind Detox, learning CALM meditation or a Reiki treatment to overcome an issue in a short space of time. These days are ideal for those that would like to focus on clearing one or several problems quickly or have to travel long distances. The day is centred around the objectives you wish to achieve and includes copies of photos taken when working with the horses.

"The most strange thing happened on Sunday evening. My partner suddenly commented on how 'different' I'd been all week, since coming to you. He said I had smiled and laughed far more than he had witnessed in a long time."

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