For horse owners

Do you wish you had a better connection with your horse? Do you know what they really think of you? And who is in control, you or them?

HorseSense UK for horse owners is a fun and exhilarating day of practical learning to deepen your understanding of the horse, what it takes to be a leader and how to communicate with them.

Horses are herd animals, sticking together for safety and companionship. By using some of the techniques that horses use to communicate with each other, we can gain better trust and connection with them, essential to a harmonious relationship.

Types of subtle resistance from your horse include nudging, defensive stable behaviour, not being caught, not loading and inattentiveness.

A HorseSense UK training day focuses on:

  • experiencing what it is like to be a leader and be led
  • learning how to say hello in horse speak and other horse etiquette
  • connection and rapport, how to get it and how to keep it
  • looking at leadership in a new light
  • leading from distance and nearness
  • asserting your position in the herd
  • additional resources available to take your learning even further.

If you are a horse owner, it is very likely you will be interested in our Instinctive HorsemanshipTM courses. This is a practical two-day weekend seminar to learn the basics of the Instinctive Horsemanship with the HorseSense UK horses and Julia M. Felton

Contact us to find out about courses for horse owners. Either learn with our horses, or provide a suitable venue and learn from your own!