HAE Development Days

The HAE Development Days have been created for anyone that has trained and is working in the field of Horse Assisted Education. The day has been designed for you to meet like-minded individuals, learn from others, develop your skills as a practitioner and thus develop your Horse Assisted Education practice. They are for facilitators from all types of learning with horses (coaching, therapy, personal development and education) and all different training models. The intended outcomes are:

  • New connections
  • Enhanced practical skills
  • The opportunity to step outside your comfort zone
  • Support through shared learning
  • New exercises and content you can share with your clients

All of these are intended so you can go home, develop your business and increase your impact.  

Online Sharing Circle

2pm - 5pm (GMT), online

After the upheaval of 2020 people are looking for connection, co-regulation and a chance to express and process the last 12 months.

A Sharing Circle is an opportunity to have your whole self honoured, held and witnessed. A sacred space to speak, the objective of a Sharing Circle is that participants are free to speak their truth without judgement or advice, and are held by the rest of the group who listen with their hearts rather than their heads.

In this online event, David Harris, Dr Sue Binks and Becci Godfrey will be facilitating an online Sharing Circle followed by an exploration into this model.

Be -ing Herd

At a time when large numbers of people are in need of human connection, an opportunity to process and make sense of the last 12 months (and the ongoing situation), we feel this is the perfect model to provide support to the Equine Assisted community right now. We also feel, that in collaboration with our Equine Partners, this model has enormous potential to support the wider population moving forwards and would love to explore what possibilities exist.

This event will be in two parts:

1) An online Sharing Circle to speak and be held

2) A group discussion into the mechanics of Sharing Circles and how they could be adapted to be run with horses.

We do not claim to be experts in this model, we simply wish to bring our existing experience to the group and facilitate shared learning.

This event is open to anyone current working in an Equine Assisted capacity, including therapy, leadership and team development, wellbeing and education.

We look forwards to seeing you there!


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Ticket: £15

Places: 40 


Click below to watch a recent webinar on Equine Faciliation with Dr Sue Binks:


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About the HAE Development Days

Forteen of these Development Day's and online events have been run since their inception in 2013. These events are an excellent chance for those that work in the field of Horse Assisted Education to explore this work more fully under the guidance of experienced facilitators and alongside your peers. Overcome your obstacles and challenges, link in to the latest thinking and be enthused by what others are doing - this event is a must attend for those that are serious about leading in the field of Horse Assisted Learning.

"This was a really valuable CPD and business coaching experience." 

"Today was hugely beneficial and uncannily timely. It has given me a clear vision of my next steps, thank you."  Windsor, 2015

"Well balanced agenda between theory and practical activities. All inclusive feel from facilitators of the day. Working together on areas we wanted to focus on in a free format (final practical) was very valuable." Windsor 2016


For more information or to register your interest contact Becci on 01892 853518/07833 597187 or email us