Be-ing Herd Sharing Circles


Be-ing Herd is a facilitated Listening Circle in the presence of horses to allow individuals, groups and companies to connect and process whatever is alive for them, to benefit the individual and the group. 

Listening Circles are a very simple model to provide a safe space for people to identify and express how they are feeling in turn to a group that listens and witnesses that person's experience.

In a Listening Circle, each individual is given time to speak in turn, without interuption, questions or advice giving. The rest of the group listens with their full attention and from their heart.

Listening without judgement or advice giving in a safe environment is well know to how a powerful impact on helping people be present with and come to terms with difficult experiences. The practice of creating a space where a person feels supported exactly as they are helps to forge important connections with ourselves and others and build trust, a cornerstone of developing wellness and a healthful community.

Be -ing Herd

The Be-ing Herd Listening Circles are specifically designed to maximise the simultaneous benefits of:

  • be-ing away from the office or home
  • be-ing in a safe and secluded environment
  • be-ing in the open air and nature
  • be-ing our authentic selves
  • be-ing listened to and heard
  • be-ing part of a loving, sharing, caring community
  • be-ing supported by a herd of horses
  • be-ing guided with a competent facilitator.


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