About us

HorseSense UK was formed in 2010. After years working in both the private, public and charitable sectors Becci soon realised her childhood experiences with horses had given her something no corporate training could give and so she started to think she'd love to find a way to share this opportunity with others.

A chance conversation in 2007 with one of the founding members of the European Association of Horse Assisted Educators (EAHAE) introduced Becci to the Equine Assisted Learning format. Supported by her charismatic and enigmatic 15hh grey gelding Murphy, she soon appreciated the subtle power these amazing creatures have to transform our learning and understanding of ourselves and the world.

The strength of the training really comes from the three teachers. With strong natural instincts and over 30 years experience between them of horse human interaction, the horses are the masters of many of the skills humans desire to acquire. The role of the HorseSense UK facilitators is to create a day for you to learn in and facilitate that learning process so you can apply it in your personal and professional life to great effect. 

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As well as and Equine Facilitator, Becci is also a qualified Calm Coach and Mind Detox Practitioner  and a Usui Reiki Master Teacher. Becci is responsible for twice yearly Continuing Professional Development events on behalf of the Equine Facilitated Learning community and is a member of Association for Coaching.

Prior to becoming a therapist and Equine Assisted Educator Becci was the local Farm Conservation Adviser and before that an editor for a local publishing house. Her passion has always been performance, where she has competed internationally in riding and continues to competing internationally in masters swimming.

"To me, there is no more powerful way than to learn about yourself than through the mirror of a horse. I have been learning this way for over 35 years, and there is so much still to discover. So come join me on my journey to be a better leader, a more authentic person and the sort of person that people want to follow; come join me on my journey to 'think like a horse'." Becci Godfrey, co-founder and Director, HorseSense UK.


Julia M. Felton

Julia Felton is passionate about helping companies and individuals connect to their inner success by proactively leading their own lives.  "Horses have taught me some of the best life lessons I have ever learnt and there is no greater critic of your leadership style than a horse."

Julia worked for twenty years in the corporate sector for companies like Andersen and Deloitte, before she had the courage to take the plunge and pursue her real passion of working with horses. Over the last five years she has been on a journey of self discovery that has taken her across the world and seen her train and work with a number of natural horsemen and women and inspiring personal development coaches.

Julia is a qualified riding instructor (BHSAI) and holds the Monty Roberts Preliminary Certificate in Natural Horsemanship. She is an accredited Instructor of the Carolyn Resnick Method of Connecting with Horses through Instinctive Horsemanship. Additionally Julia is a Licensed HorseDream Practitioner in Horse Assisted Education and member of the European Association of Horse Assisted Educators (EAHAE). She is also an NLP Practitioner and Coach and describes herself as a student of life.

In her own words, "I truly believe that greatness lies within all of us and it is my honour to help people on that journey to discover their true self."