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Fri 10th Feb 2017, taster session with the HorseSense UK herd

Fri 28th Apr 2017, guest speaker John Handley, The Bridge Trust

Fri 2nd Jun 2017, guest speaker tbc

28th Jul 2017, guest speaker tbc

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Murphy's Networking Neighs is a bi-monthly networking group for people that are serious about making valued and authentic business connections in a fun and engaging environment. 

Situated in the midst of the High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty just south of Tunbridge Wells and east of Crowborough, join Murphy and friends for the most productive Friday morning you will ever have.

These networking sessions are ideal for anyone that:

  • 20160318 Barbara Yeo Photography Murphys Networking Neighs -4Operates locally and wants to know more local businesses 
  • Has a collaborative approach to business
  • Has a strong desire to serve others
  • Wants to connect with others on a deeper level 
  • Is looking to develop relationships based on authenticity and trust 
  • See's the value in getting to know the individual behind the job title
  • Knows it takes time to build relationships and there is value and benefit in having a support group around you
  • Does something a bit different like us that isn't easily explained
  • Thinks networking should be fun, and not just about doing business.

Why is this networking different?

Murphy's Networking Neighs is based on a proven formula: 

Be real & be authentic =  true business connection and collaboration

Established by Emma Taylor of The Bay Horse Speaks, these events aim to connect people on a deeper level, through the playful presence of horses. 

Horses require people to show up as they really are, let go of assumptions and own your greatness. When you take away the masks that people so often hide behind, you are simply left with everybody's pure potential and a level playing field. Horses connect you and everyone else to the real you and hold a magical space for us to learn, share and grow in. The outcome is a warm and welcoming environment and the establishment of collaborative heartfelt connections with people you trust and you feel confident about. 

Do we get to meet the horses?


Yes! This networking event is conducted in the barn or the field with the horses present. Watch as they join in your conversations, give you feedback on the content you are sharing and encourage you to connect on a deeper level.

No experience of horses is necessary as Becci will give you the basic information you need to keep yourself safe and will be keeping watchful eye on the day. All we ask is that you wear sensible shoes and suitable outdoor clothes. 

Who has attended previously?

Murphy's Networking events have attracted all sorts of businesses and business professionals. From Marketing guru's to healers, lawyers, care home managers and IT experts, the events attract a diverse group of people from all over the South East.

Want to be a guest speaker and share your story?

Murphy's Networking Neighs welcomes those that have a story to share. Come and share with us your inspiring journey of why you do what you do and you will be amazed at how much better people will understand you and your business.

Where can I find out more?

To find out more about the format and book your ticket, visit our Eventbrite webpage.

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"As a self proclaimed 'non-horsey person' I have loved taking part in these unique networking events. Talking with others in the presence of the horses seems to disarm us and enables a more meaningful connection with seems to fast track the relationship building that good networking aims to achieve. I always feel that I leave with wonderful connections and I find that I enjoy the company of the horses more and more too! Oh and there's breakfast!" Hazel Addley, Hazel Addley Coaching